Tuesday, October 31, 2006

von Bruhl Ensign

Converted from the RSM casting of a Prussian officer with a walking stick, he's had the walking stick cut away, that arm has been bent into a new pose, the hand drilled out and a wire flag-pole inserted. I also drilled a hole in the base to take the butt-end of the flag-pole for extra strength.

The flag is by RSM. That for the British Officer in yesterday's post is from the "Warflag" website; I chose a generic English flag and hand-painted the rose wreath and inscription. Our man is from the 51st Foot who fought at Minden.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Greg,

Your RSM conversions are really nice! I am p[articulalrly drawn to the ensign for the Von Bruhl regiment. I also like your painting style on your 18th centurey figures. Great work!

Stokes Schwartz

Bloggerator said...

Hi Stokes,

I'm glad you like it. I nicked the idea from a fellow OSWer -




Bluebear Jeff said...


I'll certainly echo Stokes' comments. It makes me wonder if I still want the 18 standard bearers I got in my last RSM order now that I've seen your conversions. Very nice work.

-- Jeff


Bloggerator said...

Hey Jeff - you can send them to me - I need the white metal for home casting!