Tuesday, October 31, 2006

von Bruhl Ensign

Converted from the RSM casting of a Prussian officer with a walking stick, he's had the walking stick cut away, that arm has been bent into a new pose, the hand drilled out and a wire flag-pole inserted. I also drilled a hole in the base to take the butt-end of the flag-pole for extra strength.

The flag is by RSM. That for the British Officer in yesterday's post is from the "Warflag" website; I chose a generic English flag and hand-painted the rose wreath and inscription. Our man is from the 51st Foot who fought at Minden.


Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Hi Greg,

Your RSM conversions are really nice! I am p[articulalrly drawn to the ensign for the Von Bruhl regiment. I also like your painting style on your 18th centurey figures. Great work!

Stokes Schwartz

Bloggerator said...

Hi Stokes,

I'm glad you like it. I nicked the idea from a fellow OSWer -




Bluebear Jeff said...


I'll certainly echo Stokes' comments. It makes me wonder if I still want the 18 standard bearers I got in my last RSM order now that I've seen your conversions. Very nice work.

-- Jeff


Bloggerator said...

Hey Jeff - you can send them to me - I need the white metal for home casting!