Monday, October 30, 2006

RSM Ensigns

Over the weekend, I decided to convert a couple of RSM Officer figutes into more appealing ensigns than the "Cadet Standard Bearer" currently on offer.

I took the English Infantry Officer and cut his arm away from his body with a sharp blade and repositioned his arm (just a gentle bend done with my fat fingers) to take a piece of wire that would be a flag-staff.

I'm nearly finished doing another for the Graf v. Bruhl Saxon infantry regiment - I'll get an image up tonight or tomorrow.


marinergrim said...

Simple conversions can work so well can't they?

Nice work. I must get some RSM figures since you make them look so appealing.

Anonymous said...

It is so scary when great minds think alike. I ordered a dozen of this very officer figure for the same purpose: to use them as the ensigns in my RSM British units. It is nice to see how they turned out. I also drill a small hole in the base for the flag staff so that it has two points of contact with metal, which will make the connection of staff to figure more durable.

Bloggerator said...

This conversion was of course inspired by the cover of a 1982 Military Modelling featuring the RSMs for the original launch of the range.

I've another that I'll be doing to take the Colonel's Colour.