Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sean Bean's Rifles

Over the past few days I have been staying busy painting these Elite Miniatures Riflemen. I love the quirky style of the sculpting which repays a fairly careful paintjob. I painted these fellows in my usual Vallejo acrylics from a white dry-brushed black undercoat. The bases they are on are their temporary "handling bases" (GW plastic ones), and are not their final bases at all. I think that the three figure vignette on the larger base looks quite nice though and may form the basis for a later grouping.

I've nearly finished painting five gunners, too and expect to have them photographed in the next few days.

I'm thinking of writing a "Sharpe" parody and calling it something along the lines of either "Sharpe's Pastiche" or even "Sean Bean's Rifles". I have been using the phrase "whoreson motherless rogue" an awful lot in the back of my head lately..!


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Those are some mighty nice looking figues there, Greg!

Stokes Schwartz

marinergrim said...

Nice figs Greg.

Elite do have a very unique style don't they? I have a lot of their French naps in bicornes and rank them amongst my favourites in my collection. All gangly, twisted movement and gawky expressions - but they fight hard.