Friday, June 15, 2007

Dragoon Horse

I'll make another and pop him (her?) on the same base for my horse holder to - er - hold while his mates are off playing.
I'm getting just a little better at manipulating the greenstuff. I hope!


meadows boy said...

Very nice!
I hope I can get the hang of greenstuff as well.


MurdocK said...

Greenstuff is great fun to modify with and fairly easy to manage, I have found a set of dental tools (available on eBay for $10 a set) is a great thing to have handy when using the greenstuff.

On a diplomatic note The Duchy of Mieczyslaw wishes to send an ambassador and military attache to the Duchy of Alzheim. Will you recieve them?

Bloggerator said...

Is this a secure line?

Come one and all to the League of Armed Neutrality, I say!