Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hey, I’ve been uncommonly quiet over the past week and a bit.

I’m sort of in between orders from RSM – having run out of Dragoon castings to paint - so I’m painting a few other bits and pieces.

Speaking of that latest RSM order (which went out on June the 15th), it looks like a very cavalry-oriented time is coming on for me. I’ll discuss them in a little detail:

3 x S1-105 English Trooper Charging (I like to use these as my squadron-officers these will be for the Bavarian Dragoons)
12 x S2-109 French Light Dragoon (I’ve finally caved in and admitted to myself that I desperately want a squadron of Schomburg Dragoons)
4 x S5-022 Prussian Gunner in Waistcoat (I’ll be painting these as some Infantry regiment or other to assist a couple of gunners manning a battalion gun – a bit of an experiment, we’ll see how it goes)
6 x S5-101 Prussian Hussar in Mirliton (I decided I wanted to paint that snazzy-looking Prussian Hussar Reg’t who were all dressed in black)
11 x S6-104 Austrian Hussar in Busby (re-inforcements for the Croats, and the first of two squadrons)
8 x S6-105 Austrian Dragoon Trooper (to become the residue of the second Squadron of my Bavarian Dragoons)
26 x LH-005 Galloping Horse - Legs Spread (I’ll be painting a lot of horsies!)

I have alluded to this a bit in my previous post where I seem to have a lot of French odds and ends on the table. I’m working up toward a commitment I made to Bill P to get some troops painted for a 1:10 Fort Ticonderoga game that he and some other fellows are putting together for 2008, being as it is the 250th anniversary of the battle.

This project will let me paint up a whole pile of castings that were just gathering dust and give my French and Indian war collection a bit of a kick on – which it has been needing for ages now. I’m quite excited by this one, and I’m thinking I really ought to get the new troops blooded before they climb into a big cardboard box and fly to the US!

I’ve really been looking closely at my RSM French castings. I think they could easily stand in for some Spanish and Italian regiments of the Italian phase of the War of the Austrian Succession. Just thinking and imagineering as I flip through the pages of my Stephen Manley booklets…


Snickering Corpses said...

The Austrian Hussars in Busby are nice little castings. They *do* tend to lean, or at least some of mine did, and the right foot seems prone to a broken stirrup. But other than that, they're beautiful. I haven't gotten around to taking a photo of mine yet as I'm waiting on a couple of extra figures to arrive.

Bloggerator said...

Dear Snickering,

I do agree about the hussar; I've one sitting at home waiting for me to stop umming and ahing over what uniform to paint onto him. He's been very patient so far, on top of being a most handsome casting.

Can I demand images from you?



Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, what about using the free hussar template from
to test & try all those titillating alternative color patterns?
And if the end you really hesitate between two... paint a squadron og each & raise a 'converged hussars' regiment from several mixed light legions...

Bloggerator said...

And once I've done that, I could then split the converged hussars and use each squadron as the nucleus of an entire regiment for some date in the futute..!



MurdocK said...

Having multiple uses for each unit of castings is a great plan (thus the reason for using the tricorne uniforms = they lend themselves so well to a 200+ year swath of history!).

I have recently decided to paint an aggressor force in different colors than at first planned since this will allow the new force to be put to use in the Napoleonic period also.

abdul666 said...

Bot directly related to this post, but on-topic viz. the blog.
Alzheim in "Europa Rex v1" : is it divergent strabism from me , or is Alzheim blessed with the gift of ubiquity? I see it both on the mediterranean coast –somewhere near Nice and Monaco (fair weather and princesses to marry, here), and in north-eastern Europe, close to semi-polish Mieczyslaw and ultra-Eastern-Orthodox (at least, ultra-something) Vulgaria (weather: brrrrr….). Now it was common for a given ruler’s real estates to be scattered across the whole Holly Empire, and I perfectly understand that the Alzheim ruling family prefers to pass the bad season close to the Mediteranean. Some hints from the Duke himself suggest that Alzheim (the heart of it, at least) , despite its saxon name imported by the ruling family, hovers somewhere on the south-eastern borders of France – but seemingly NOT as a coastal power (southern Alps, nortwestern ern Piedmont/Milanese ?). This would imply that (fleeing the Turks invasions ?) some ultra-eastern-orthodox Slavs had moved more westward than in our timeline, so that Vulgaria is actually somewhere north of the Serenissime Mercantile Oligarchic Republic of Zenicce ?