Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Earthwork - Ravelin

I couldn't be bothered painting any toy soldiers last week, so I built a Ravelin, telling myself I could use it with Fort Niagara eventually.
It's all polystyrene with balsa for the planking and matches for the uprights.
These projects look a real disaster until you get to the painting stage, I find. You know; a mess of raggedy, sanded-down* polystyrene covered with filler and sand; and then more sand because it looks like it's been clad in sand-paper. Then it's the stippling, the wet-on-wet work, the dry brushing, oops, gone too far, needs a wash of burnt sienna, oops too far in the other direction; another wash then one last dry-brrush and... does it look right, dear? You're the artist.
You should have done it in daylight.
Oh, yeah.
*Do the sanding outside if you value your health and relationship with your partner!


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hello there Greg,

Hey, I really like your ravelin! It's just the sort of thing I've been thinking of and experimenting with here, though not to completion. May I simply copy your design? I'll need something like this for my (eventual) Sittangbad set-up. Nice looking work there.

Best Regards,


Bloggerator said...

Dear Stokes, of course you can!

If you've any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Fitz-Badger said...

hee hee :-D
Nice work!

Bloggerator said...

She always waits until I've finished.

DC said...

That's a nice piece Greg - it reminds me of the old Ian Weekley foam cast ravelin that i have somewhere...must paint it one day. Have you considered extending your SYW gaming to the West Indies? Lot's of potential for european style stone fortifications (and jungle, sugar plantations, banana trees...and you'll need a navy...). cheers.

Naftoli said...

I'm more impressed with your polished kitchen floor - but then again I have never been one to appreciate the finer things in life...

old-tidders said...

Lovely looking ravelin

-- Allan

Bloggerator said...

There's always one isn't there?

Naftoli, you're no better that that stirrer from Aussie Echo. Glad you like the floor - I thought you'd seen it in reality!

Wanna buy it?*


*No, really.

Bloggerator said...

Dear DC,

I once tinkered with the ideal of a fictional Carribean campaign and agree it would be amusing to mix it up with the various European powers in the region, Pirates and natives and all that. The appeal of some home-grown fortifications plonked down among the aquarium plants is real. The opportunity for amphibious action always excites my desire, too.

I posit a campaign with each player the Govenor of an island, a pirate cheiftain or a native leader; bi-monthly turns; loose structures; viciously arbitrary umpiring and; an emphasis on story-telling.

It's a tasty thought. I'll umpire it if there is sufficient interest.

Who wants a go?


DC said...


If you're suggesting a virtual/email campaign then count me in. I'll be impressed if you can find the time at the moment... 8-)

Bloggerator said...

Yes, I am. I'll just have to manage for time!

I'll write up a more detailed proposal this weekend and post it, asking for takers.