Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My trusty hot-wire cutter comes through with the goods again.

I've opted to paint the block-houses in GW "Boltgun Metal" washed over with some burned sienna as a light tarnish and to add some definition on the corrugations.

I decided on this approach as there was no information really on whether the blockhouses had been painted or no. Besides, I squinted at some poor quality, black-and-white internet images for long enough to convince myself they were bare metal!

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Anonymous said...

Not painting the metal would certainly minimize the logistical complication of carting tins of paint to the site - unless the sheets were pre-painted. To see if it worked, what you could try now is taking a photograph in black & white under a bright light! Personally, I think there's some colour there - perhaps a white wash (and, if so, who's to contradict a b&w photo), slightly reminiscent of the colours used on pre-dreadnought battleships? Sorry, to be a party pooper.

(Yes, I think I am mad)