Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting out of the doldrums

You know how it is, you get into the project doldrums and you need a break. That's about where I'm at with my ACW project, I'd say.

I've long been interested in the Boer War, but not really wanting to commit too deeply.

Thus I'm going to do a little mini-project - a couple of Boer War Block-houses and a pair of TSaTF-sized infantry units. Not too much, just enough to slake that little thirst.

However, there are dangers; now I'm eyeing-off my Sudan collection.



Bluebear Jeff said...

But, Greg, TSATF can be so much fun . . . and the Sudan has much to recommend it . . . but if, as I did, you read much Kipling, the Northwest Frontier is even MORE fun!

"Resistance is futile."

-- Jeff

Ross Mac said...

Hoorah for the Boer War! Its been on my Must Do list for oh about 40 years now.

Ambush of an armoured train? or at least of a convoy?

Bloggerator said...

Hi Jeff, I KNOW!!!!

Not sure at the moment. This isn't really a planned project. It's more to scratch an itch, I think.

I do like armoured trains, though. Perhaps a certain self-aggrandising young officer on special leave might be on it?