Sunday, September 23, 2012

Egyptian Troops

Fellah Infanty in campaign dress
 Not much to report this week, just the seven figures in the pictures. They are Castaway Arts from the "Colonial Egyptian" range.
Egyptian Infanty in field uniform
Excellent figures these, very nice anatomy and meticulously researched. All I could hope for would be a little more variety in the posing of the campaign dress infantry and perhaps a few head variants for the more regularly-dressed chaps to reflect the variety that seems to have been in use in the field. Still, that ought not be beyond the skills of the average modeller with a dab of greenstuff.

The figures themselves are beautifully easy to paint. I just spray them with Rrmy Painter Bleached Bone, ink-wash then then dry-brush up to pure white. Jobs done!

Now, Gerry, how about some gunners?

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