Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Huzzah for the Hussars

Wot I did this week gone by.

Horses and riders by Conoisseur - almost mandatory when one rides forth into the Sudan. Bases by Litko.

With regard to my painting, this was mostly acrylic with ink washes on a white undercoat. Paints for the most part GW and Vallejo. The khaki was, I think, Lifecolour. There's a little lining in here and there (helmets, edges of belts and so on) in a very dark brown. this looks better than black on this sort of palette of colours to my eye.

Next I'll be working on some more Egyptian Infantry and then we'll get stuck into those 21st Lancers.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Brave lads, no doubt (and good looking too). I'm sure that they will acquit themselves with honor on the table top.

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

Hope so! Test game this weekend for them and their mates.