Sunday, September 16, 2012

PS Glen Moray Takes Shape

Who was that horseman riding by..?
PS Glen Moray's decks taking shape with a lamination of balsa over the foamcore basis structure.

I've scribed the planking in with a black biro and started assembling the desk-houses. Ii'm debating whether to add some decorative pillars to support the upper deck. What I'm really doing is putting off trying to build the paddle-wheel houses.

I like how the funnel turned out. I'll eventually guy it up as was done with the real thing.


Ross Mac said...

Well, she is a fine looking vessel and fits the troops well, the practical side of me wonders if there will be room fir her on the table? Will she be able to turn on a river? Is it less than a rifle shot from bow to stern?

I have long had a notion to try Morschauser's to mount the ship on a table high stand that would allow the ship be moved along side the table instead of on it. Assuming of course one isn't playing in the backyard.

Bloggerator said...

Good morning Ross!

She's huge - 45cm x 13cm. I'm intending she'll hold a gun, a couple of MGs and a naval Brigade of 30. I am looking at a compromide between Gilder and TSaTF for unit sizes.

She's meant as a piece for a convention game rather than crammed on a wargames table.

And, oo, yes, she's about a rifle shot long! It may be though that she works to a ground-scale all of her own...

That idea of Morchauser's is one I've been toying with too. I have some small folding tables that are about the right height and that does let you have a nice wide Nile river.