Monday, December 02, 2013

Oops, I did it again...

... I painted something random.

La Garde
I'd had these sitting in a box for months. All those blue-primed little eyes, beseeching me. So... I graced them a wash of dark blue, painted all the flesh bits in ... flesh. All the black bits in black, the brown bits brown &c, &c until I came to do the facings.

Let's see, methought. I've done la Rosee, von Prittwitz's. Time for the Leibgarde? Why not. A quick flip through Knotel, Knotel and Seig... Red? Oh, that's a bit dull. Still, and... done!

That's three Alzheimer units done. There are about two and a half of the Prussians, plus a field artillery battery complete as well. I've another Prussian unit of foot plus two of Lancers lined up and ready to go. Then there are those Stadden Brits.

With whom shall they throw their lot?

On a completely different note, if you were considering a smallish Jacobite Rebellion game done completely out of existing stocks of metal, what would you do?

I'm thinking of a game something like Prestonpans, following the orders of battle that can be teased out of Duffy, perhaps element-based. Probably element-based.

In terms of granularity, I'd be wanting to depict the Anglo-Hanoverian dragoons at a squadron level and allow for the piquets on their right. It'd be nice to show the artillery off with 2-3 models (there were half a dozen coehorns and another half-dozen light field pieces) and 3-4 gunners. All with RSM miniatures plus a few Cran Taras. Heaven knows, I'll probably paint up some Irish Piquets at some stage, too.

"Ooh, Shiny" moment of the week? Minairons Spanish Republican Infantry in 20mm. Resist them if you dare.

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