Friday, December 13, 2013

The Jacobite Army

RSM 95 Jacobite
The Osprey on the Culloden Campaign (#106) has the most detailed breakdown of the Jacobite Army at Prestonpans that I have yet seen.

Without any further ado:

HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart
Adjutant General: Colonel John Sullivan
Lt General William, Duke of Atholl
Lt General James, Duke of Perth
Lt General Lord George Murray

Perth's Division
Clanranald's Regiment - 200 men
Glengarry's Regiment - 400 men
Keppoch's Regiment - 250 men

Murray's Division
Duke of Perth's Regiment - 200 men
Appin's Regiment - 200 men
Lochiel's Regiment - 500 men

Reserve (Prince Charles)
Atholl's Regiment - 500 men
Cavalry - 36 men

Having had a bit of a look at the size of the units the Anglo-Hanoverians are fielding, it seems to me that I am working at around a 18/20:1 man:figure ratio. Thus:

Perth's Division
Clanranald's Regiment - 10 figures
Glengarry's Regiment - 20 figures
Keppoch's Regiment - 15 figures

Murray's Division
Duke of Perth's Regiment - 10 figures
Appin's Regiment - 10 figures
Lochiel's Regiment - 25 figures

Reserve (Prince Charles)
Atholl's Regiment - 25 figures

You'll note that I've fudged the figures on Keppoch's Regiment and dropped the cavalry altogether. It seemed a fair enough trade and works in with my feeling that the Jacobites would not have been packed as tightly into their frontages as the Anglo-Hanoverians - I am looking at five figures per 45mm wide x 40mm deep base.Looking at the organisation of figures purely in terms of infantry bases, this would give us 18 Anglo-Hanoverian ones versus 23 Jacobite bases.

I noted the fairly detailed Anglo-Hanoverian Order of Battle in the same Osprey and will present it as an alternative to that already worked through.

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