Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just for the purpose of Illustration.

Not a war-gamer
 Gratuitous shot of Sammy aside, the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle is purely for - ahem - illustrative purposes.
Traffic Jam!
Those Grant-esque units have quite a foot-print when deployed in line!

Comardo Dragoons
 Particular favourites of mine.

Alzheimer Light Infantry
 Perhaps a little overpoweringly strong for any period? They should be a jolly nuisance, but not a battle-winner!


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Wonderful photos, Greg! Thank you. You know, I believe I read somewhere about a Ninja Turtle Guard regiment that has been lost annals of history. Your son looks interested too. Perhaps a budding wargamer in another year or so?

Best Regards,


Steve Gill said...

Some fine-looking regiments of Spencer Smiths there, thank you for the photos.

I particularly admire the light infantry in the last picture, the black and red combo is very striking. I always found that a full Grant 24 + 4 light infantry unit, with the men 3" apart in open order, took up an awful lot of room on the table.

Old School ACW said...

Young Mr Olley's painting, those last ones, Steve. I can take no credit! They took up enough room when just an inch or so apart!


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Yup, straight at 'em.

I like the cavalry!

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

The Lt.Infantry look excellent

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

The Lt.Infantry look excellent