Saturday, June 21, 2014

Little Wars 2014

A minor show in the greater scheme of things, yet one that looms fairly large in the Melbourne scene, Little Wars 2014 was held in the spacious, though somewhat dim environs of the Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin a few weeks back.
Organised by Nic Robson of Eureka fame and the Nunawading Wargames club, somewhere around 400 people passed through the doors. 
I think there were nineteen particiation games on the go through out the day including my own Not Quite the Dambusters. 
S for Sugar takes a run
 Fool that I am, I was so busy as to almost entirely neglect taking photos. Unbelieveable!
There was a lot of variety. A smashing pirate game caught my eye. Spread over a number of islands, with native warriors, some kind of kraken, (only the tentacles of which were visible above the waves) and a horde of pirate ships. Others which stood out for me were the fabulous WW1 air combat game involving any number of Revell Nieuports, Eindeckers and De Havillands whizzing about a monstrous Zeppelin (at least a metre and a half long). The clock then seemed to mysteriously advance until a horde of Albatri DIIIs faced off against a gaggle of Camels and an SE5a. Marvellous.
I spotted a terriffic new laser-cut Samurai castle:
Not sure if it's in full production yet, but it seems to be priced at $AU150. Tempted? I know I was.
My own game went fairly well, despite a few umms and ahhs explaining the rules to our players. We ran it through about fifteen times and breached the dam on three occasions. Some of the players happily took copies of the rules away, so who knows? Maybe it will pop up elsewhere. We did come up with a few more rule tweaks based on our experiences, so our next run at CanCon ought to reflect those.
Lessons learned for the day - black base-coated, then dry-brushed terrain looks much too dark indoors under artificial light. Noted! Terrain made with a base cloth and assorted scaps od texteured cloth and teddy-bear fur can be quite interesting to look at and easy to transport with the correct forethought.
A good day, although a little exhausting!

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