Thursday, June 19, 2014

Old School ECW

The References
I have been mulling this over for a little while now. I think it was being able recently to view the "Battleground" episode on Edgehill that have kicked me off, and I do think I would like to do something around the English Civil War.
I received the old Osprey "Wargames" title on Naseby from my favourite ebay seller and have been poring over the pictures of Peter Gilder's collection both there and at various locations on the web*. I am inspired and have a few initial ideas.
So, what have I read? The Airfix Magazine Guide, the aforementioned Osprey (I have others in my collection, of course) and Haythornethwaite's book on the Wars. A few magazine articles by Ian Weekly.
What do I want to read? Young's "The Cavalier Army". I recall seeing it at university all those years ago and recall some lovely little drawings in the chapter headings.
What should I read? That I leave that to you, dear reader.
Some people think that wargaming is all about being a steely-eyed warrior. These people are wrong.
It's really all about shopping. Checking the wargaming budget. Looking nervously at the lead pile. The squinting at low-resolution pictures of miniatures online. Yakking on about figure compatibility. Detail. Anatomy. Asking yourself if you really need to spend the money when you have so many unfinished projects littering the place.
Do this before you go shopping. Ho, ho, ho.
Nonetheless, try. I've not yet done the planning, but I think this will be quite a strictly limited project. Won't it? I hope so.
Probably Hinchcliffes, probably with a few Scrubies in the mix. Probably with a stab at approximating the Gilder style.
Two small, balanced forces with approximately a 1:1 ratio between the numbers of infantry and cavalry fielded by each side.
I think that's about the shape of it.
*C'mon Doug, help me out here!


Steve Gill said...

I've heard of this 'planning' but I've no idea what's involved.

This all sounds very promising. The Hinchliffe ECW figures were amongst the first metals I ever painted, so there's quite a nostalgia kick attached to them.

Natholeon said...

'...but I think this will be quite a strictly limited project...' Famous last words!
I've got the Cavalier Army on my bookshelf and it is just as you remember it. I take it you have Wesencraft and Featherstone for old school pike and shot inspiration?
Good luck with this. I am just gathering the troops (literally) for my ECW project using Foundry and Perry figures and the 1644 rules. Not as Old School as some, but certainly older than new school!

Springinsfeld said...

Looking forward to seeing this develop. My favourite old school ECW figures are the Minifigs range still in production. I was desperate to get a pile after seeing the seige/battle scene in "By the Sword Divided" (but never did).

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

It's madness, young man, sheer madness! Yet it also seems strangely enticing and, dare I say, fun. Enjoy yourself.

Best Regards,


Bluebear Jeff said...

I am currently painting a dozen units of ECW Pike & Shot . . . a mix of Warlord, Perry and whatnot figures.

For rules, I will almost certainly write my own.

Enjoy the period, Greg!

-- Jeff

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Looking forward to developments

tidders said...

I'm just re-organising and tarting up the bases for my 40mm ECW collection, it started off as something 'small' and has grown larger than expected :) [poor planning !]

Young's "The Cavalier Army"is a little gem of a book and well worth a read.

Enjoy your new little project

DC said...

Typical! I thought the Gettysburg episode would get you back into the ACW...

Any of Peter Young's ECW titles are worth getting (at the right price), some might be a bit dated, but they are classics.

I've enjoyed John Barratt's books - ECW in the West Country,and Sieges of the ECW - definitely worth read.

I've not done anything with the Gilder/Robinson/Tilson ECW for a good 10 years. Facing a house move they are (theoretically at least) for sale.


Bloggerator said...

We shall see how we go, gents.

Doug, I still have the ACW stuff. And I've not yet watched the Gettysburg Episode, so who knows?

Maybe for sale? Theoretically? You're tempting me.

David said...

Sounds good - although I did think you were trying to limit new projects! ;-) But as the ECW is one of my favourites, I can't complain or try to put you off... (I still have many hundreds of 15mm ECW figures to paint, one day - after all, it's only 29.5 years since I bought them.)

Yes, the book Cavalier Army is good, although very dated on uniforms now. All the Peter Young books are still worth having but some serious research has been done since then and much of it is available in booklet form from Partisan Press and other small presses. This one is excellent on both infantry flags and uniforms: It's discussed in this TMP thread: along with a few others worth having (although the cavalry standard book is horribly expensive).

I have a delightful account of an ECW wargame in the Airfix magazine Guide No.28 on the ECW by George Gush and Martin Windrow. If you'd like a copy of that chapter I'd be happy to photograph it and email it to you for inspiration.



Bloggerator said...

Too kind David. I have the book however and agree the game is a delightful one.


David said...

Ah - glad you have it and that you agree it is delightful. Saves me some work! ;-)