Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fortress progress images

I hope these two images get across a general idea of how things are going. The two curtain walls are completed in all but the painting. The right-hand bastion is nearly there but for some card masonry. The left-hand one needs lots of masonry and part of the parapet to be done. The ravelin is done barring some card detail on it's rear face.

Given another week and all the fairly tedious detail work will be done.

The Kleine Kirche got painted when I couldn't take sticking little card rectangles down for another second one evening!

The gun is a "Willie" - the way cannon ought to be to my mind; big.

John Ray suggests using 25mm scale cannon with 30mm scale wheels. This is an idea I'd like to try out for looks.

I'm also starting to think it'd be cool to do little balsa gun platforms, and wooden paths on the insides of the parapets.

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