Saturday, April 01, 2006

I need more ravelins!

Low shot with my one ravelin repositioned to the right. I need more 30mm slabs of polystyrene!

The gatehouse looks more and more ordinary to me too. I might pull it to bits and start anew.


Ralphus said...

I think you should have an ornamental gateway like a lot of the Vauban style entrances, such as Tilbury with sculptures of weapons, trophies, cannonballs etc - this could be a pleasant modelling thing in itself - using old bits of figures.

Bloggerator said...

This weekend I was going through some of my older magazines and blow me down if I din't find WI#1 there (and oh, how the mighty have fallen!) with it's Ian Weekly article on building a Vauban gateway!

I'll make a start tomorrow night.