Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fortress Progress Report

As you can see I have started work on the glacis and another ravelin.

The basic shape of the glacis seems about right; I'm fairly happy about how the pieces all fit together. Next stop will be to laminate card to the back and bottom of each piece before I carve the actual slops for each piece. The card will give me a hard couple of edges to run the hot wire cutter down.

Tomorrow night will see me cutting out the third ravelin preparatory to me starting to clad the two new ones in card.

I'm thinking of painting the whole glacis in something like Goblin Green (TM) paint with a couple of handsful of texture mixed into it. Following a suggestion from the OSW group (was that you Henry?) I'll probably go to my paint shop and ask them to mix me up a four-litre lot based on my own DIY colour chip. This ought to be a reasonable colour match for the poster-card I am using for the Blasthof terrain - the hill needs to be re-painted. It's too dark at the moment.

Any questions?


Anonymous said...

This is brilliant, Greg! And yes, it was me who suggested the litre tins of paint. You might need to get the paint tech to try a couple of times to get it right! I'll send you those photos I took in Lille. Keep up the good work, mate.


Bloggerator said...

Hi Henry,
Glad you like the piccies! One of the saving graces of this project has been it's cheapness. All the polystyrene is just discarded packaging. The heavy card is torn from the back of one of my partners old sketch-books. The expenses have come from buying a GW hot wire cutter and some cans of spray-paint. That's about $AU70 all up. Not too bad, I reckon.
I'm going up the paint shop today to see how he goes. I'm not super fussy about this sort of thing; so if he gets withing spitting distance, I'll be happy enough.
Looking forward to the Lille pix!
All the best,