Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Forum #1

Please post your comments on any topic you please.

I'll be checking them as frequently as out time-zones allow to enable something like a free-flowing conversation.


Bloggerator said...

been to any good shows lately? Any favourite shows? I'll be off to the UK this october and I'm looking for something I can drop in on and see if I can't spot some familiar faces and maybe buy them a beer or two!


Grimsby Mariner said...

World Championships at the University in Derby is about the best show in October (and of course you can throw a little history in too since Derby is where Charles Edward Stuart turned around and went home in 1745 not realising how close he was to winning the throne - there is a very nice statue on the inner ring road to the Prince in commemeration of the event).

Best show for me is partizan at Newark in May. Not too crowded like Salute, good choice of traders, excellent games and well attended. This year we get the elite of the OSW (well they are for this side of the pond anyway) attending with Mollwitz too!

Bloggerator said...

Derby, eh? Now we just need to persuade Henry et al to put on something there - purely for me of course.

Henry are you listening?

By the way, has anyone been paying attention to Phil Olleys' website? A finer bunch of beautifully-painted RSM miniatures you'll not see.

I'm so jealous.