Sunday, April 29, 2007

"New" Reviews

I've neen updating my "Rants and Raves" blog today.

You may be familiar with a couple of them if you've been reading "Battle Games".

I finished another building for Strudelburg on Friday night, and bought a couple more on Saturday. I ought to be able to put a big tick in the "completed" box for this element of the Strudelburg project soon.

Purchased a couple more cans of spray-paint to finish the buildings - they just don't paint themselves, you know! Also bought a couple of fine brushes; all my others were worn out from slapping paint onto the Leib Grenadier Garde and were useless for doing any black-lining. A most distressing situation which had stopped me painting for most of the week!


Anonymous said...

Just thought I would comment on how much I enjoy your blog!
Keep up the great work



Bloggerator said...

G'day David,

You're most kind.

Thanks for the encouragement!

All the best,