Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reorganisation of the Duchy

Reorganisation? Or more possibly a clarification.

Let me make it clear to all who may ever have wondered that the Duchy of Alzheim is indeed a minor European state somewhere to the east of France, somewhere to the west of Saxony and somewhere to the south-west of Prussia.

It may or may not have a sea-coast.

It is a land of quite various geography, with lands both high and low, with mountains and plains. It may well have a sea-coast. It may well.

It certainly has a long history; it is well known that Alexander the Great while on a drunken carouse with a handsome young cavalryman got lost on the way to his tent and accidentally laid waste to three villages of the local celtic peoples, the Alzheimii before founding an Alexandria upon the remains thereof and settling a number of disabled veterans thereupon.

The following history was one of annexation to the Roman Empire, invasion by numerous Germanic tribes and a long, dimly-understood Dark Age under the rule of the Riders of Alzheim who carried on their wars with an unspeakable people who arose from no-where with the alliance of a great Prince who was rumoured to have strange powers of prophecy.

With the ascencion of their King, Alzheim became briefly a Kingdom attached to Lotharingia and then reverted to a more lowly status under the suzeranity of the Holy Roman Empire.

The wars of religion were unkind to Alzheim, who saw much ruin visited upon them by a mercenary who called himself "the Kreighund". The start of the Eighteenth Century was marked by Alzheims' ruling House unwisely allying with France (contrary to the interest of Austria) and thus suffering to have the armies of her greater neighbours marched all over her.

This fate is one which Alzheim seeks to avoid repeating if possible and to this end has imported a number of Hessian and Saxon Officers to the end of improving the state of her defences. Politically at present, Alzheim leans toward a defensive alliance with Saxony.

This may be of interest to Hesse-Seewaldt.


Anonymous said...

Some dire (non-military) things are about to happen to Saxony. You may want to reconsider Alzheim's leanings toward a Saxon alliance.

Der Erbprinz von Hesse-Seewaldt

Bloggerator said...

Alzheimer Zeitung
20 April, 1742

Der Alte-Trommler Schreib:

It has come to your correspondents attention that certain innuendoes have been made at the expense of our Beloved Saxony and indeed that our own Dear Prince has been warned that our Saxon Alliance, which, gentle readers, we here at the "Alzheimer Zeitung" would remind you has always underpinned the well-being of the State, may want reconsideration!

Well, let us here at the "Alzheimer Zeitung" remind this unnamed foreign power that the motto of Alzheim is "Ever True" and that we shall stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Saxon brothers and sisters.

The Alte Trommler says: "Beat the drum! Beat the drum!"

Ken said...

The Union Real de Scandalusia is ever ready to entertain diplomats of other nations (though, to be candid, it is often enough all the High King can do to keep his fractious Thanes from flying apart).

Bloggerator said...

The Prince of Alzheim, August XXIV ("der Grosser Koenig") is always ready to be entertained.

Seine Majestat enquires as to the accommodations. Will he need to bring his own troupe of acrobats? He can in case of need. Is there a sufficient supply of White Lead face powder? Again, His Majesty can supply his own if such be difficult to obtain in your Nation.

Ken said...

We have chalk and flour in abundance, and may be able to scare up some white lead.