Thursday, January 25, 2007

Works in progress

Sorry about the crap photography; the lighting conditions were less than optimal. Still, I think you get the idea. I'll put somthing better up tomorrow. Paints are by Vallejo and Games Workshop. Note that I have used a black undercoat.

I'm finding it makes life a LOT easier.

I'm starting to sound like a convert.

Well, the Croats were painted that way, too.


Bluebear Jeff said...

What I usually do is use a black undercoat . . . and then a white damp-brush over it. This provides all of the shadow pluses, but the white damp-brush (that is a bit heavier than a simple dry-brush) really helps bring up details. This method also does some "shading" since paints are really slightly translucent and not really fully opaque.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I thought it was called Overbrushing? Or is that something else... :-)