Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Duchy is on a recruiting drive

Last night I finished painting four more Gardes Francaises grenadiers. I’ve also base-coated a dozen more fusiliers from the la Reine regiment.

I think that this month my goal will be to finish this Regiment off and to rebase more of my other troops. At the moment I’m hoping to paint about a dozen per week. Should they arrive in time, I am also hoping to paint another half a dozen Cuirassiers du Roi. I've already got the horses part-painted.

On order too are a couple of bags of Russians i am hoping to paint as Saxons. Watch this space.

I am thinking in the longer term that it’s time to start thinking about increasing the size of my existing units. My infantry companies stand at the moment at 8 castings, usually an officer/NCO and 7 privates. Some companies have a command figure, a drummer and six fusiliers. I’m thinking of stripping out the command and musician figures and replacing them with fusiliers. This will take unit strength to 49 figures.
Later on I’m thinking of taking the fusilier strength up to a dozen figures per company. It’d be nice to have four drummers per regiment, too. That way I could post them in pairs at either end of the battalion. I could also break the grenadier company in half and post the halves at the postes d’honneur as well.

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