Wednesday, August 16, 2006

la Reine again

... stays mainly in the plain...

Finished the first of La reines standard bearers this morning as well as the cavalry guidon for Fouquets' Horse.

This brings la Reine to 16 fusiliers, a drummer, an Officer on foot, an Ensign and the regiment's Colonel.

I hope to finish another four fusiliers tonight.

Come what may, I'll get a couple of "in progress" images up here tonight.

When the unit is completed, this will take my French troops up to six battalions of foot and three regiments of Horse. I think this is a fairly respectable total for the "line" troops, and I can feel a parade coming on if nothing less as soon as the vexed business of re-basing the tiny gentlemen is over and done with. I will then turn my attention to a unit of light infantry and some gunners for the Royal Artillerie!

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