Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Standard Bearer - finished

I just finished off the conversion from mounted General to standard-bearer. I think the fluting extends a bit too far up the flagpole - there doesn't seem to be enough room for a guidon. When the Green Stuff has fully cured, I'll shave it back somewhat. I formed the shape by winding a coil of putty around the wire core then smoothing it down with a finger-tip.

The hand was a mitten-shape I cut from an oval of semi-cured green stuff. I wrapped it around the wire wrapped arounsd the staffone way, the thumb I wrapped around from the opposite side, then I cut the fingers in with my knife.

I have a suspicion that doing anything more radical to this casting might take e well beyond my gurrent skill levels... Nonetheless, let's see. I've a few hours "home alone" tomorrow night to get up to mischief. Lets see what can be done...

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