Friday, September 15, 2006

1/72 Plastics

Some time ago I decided to put together a Napoleonic French Corps of two divisions of Infantry and a brigade of Cavalry along with supporting artillery, wagons, staff &c... This project was allowed to lapse.

Recently though as I have paid more and more attention to the Plastic Soldier Review website, I've had to put more and more effort into resisting the temptation to take the project up again.

Today i finally cracked and went and bought a box of HaT French infantry - the one that gives you 100 Grenadiers, Fusiliers and Voltigeurs. I also bought a box of the outstanding Zvezda Foot Artillery. The quality of this kit has to be seen to be believed. Really. You get three guns you can make up as 8 or 12 pdrs, in either the firing or travelling positions. There are three six figure strong gun crews - and an officer to command the battery. You get a limber with six horses and three riders and (wait for it...) a cassion, also with a six-horse team and three outriders. Did I mention that they are also of staggering quality? These were $AU17. The Infantry were $AU23. I want another 2-3 boxes of each.

I also very nearly bought the HaT Limber and Caisson sets, too. These would let me fully equip my artillery batteries and to hell with ground-scale! The price on these was also terribly reasonable. I note also that HaT are promising a wurst wagon and a Larrey ambulance - are HaT to become the Hinchcliffe of plastics?

I must go and dig out the other plastics I bought for my first go-around at this project.


Bloggerator said...

I'm sure it's bad form to respond to one's on post, but:

I negected to mention that Hat also propose a field forge and a pontoon train. Will the madness never end?


Poruchik said...


How do the castings compare to the RSM 25's? The pontoon train and forge would be welcome additions to my supply train! In the event that an invasion were called for at some point?!?!?!?!


Bluebear Jeff said...

ooooooooooooohhhhhh, a "bad form" violation!

You are sentenced and convicted (in absentia) via your own admission. There is no appeal.

Hence you are hereby sentenced to paint little toy soldiers and provide photographs of them on the blogsite on which you so heinously commited your offense.

Sentence to be carried out expediciously!

-- Judge Jeff

Bloggerator said...


The pontoon and forge are on the HaT "to do" list. As they are in the 1/72nd or 20mm-ish scale I'd think they are a little tiny for the RSM range.

I do believe that Hinchcliffe do these items in 25-30mm and although more expensive are probably more appropriate.



Bloggerator said...

Judge Jeff,

I submit that as I have made a good start on my 'Volontaires du Dauphnie' that the court recognise my penitence, and my good intentions for henceforth remaining on the straight and narrow.

Nr 716617