Friday, September 15, 2006

Border Troubles 2

Donald and I have come up with a few bits and bobs specific to the scenario we'll be gaming out in the next week or so.

Initially, Vulgaria's forces will consist of one or two fusiliers (not the best of soldiers) on guard duty.

After that from the cave, about 9 to 12” away will arrive 2 more fusiliers, a fusilier NCO (Opalnitz) with spontoon, 4 musketeers , 1 Office (von Stahl) sword and 1 jaeger.

Arriving eventually depending upon where they set up will be a further 4 musketeers, 1 jaeger and an NCO (Steiger) with spontoon.

And finally if activated the 4 Irregular Cavalry will show.

Donald was not not sure how many men I really needed to start, or indeed how many the young Captain* Voleur would risk bringing into Vulgaria to look at some old ruins perched on a cliff. In the end I decided that along with him and Theophraste (themselves armed with a sword and a pistol apiece), they would take along four fusiliers to manage carrying the picnic basket, wine, camp chairs and so on. They will start the game in the ruins, consuming a flagon of rieseling and some camembert while their troopers gnaw hard tack, lucky fellows.

Still a work in progress at the moment. I think that the residue of the Alzheimer forces, 11 figures led by an NCO, should appear on the lake shore edge of the table from a point chosen by either my opponent or the dice four moves after the shooting begins.

I wanted to make the situation stickier for the Alzheim arts nobbling party. Per move we roll a d6. On a 6, Theophraste sprains his ankle and has his move rate halved.

I think that our two erring officers should have to make it back to the boats with half their troops to claim a victory. Either less than 50% troops or only one officer will constitute a drawn game. Both officers being lost will result in a loss.

Any part of this may change in the fullness of time!

* I have promoted Voleur des Coeurs to Captain in recognition of the fact that he is the proprieter of a Company.

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