Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saxon Pirate or East Anglian Brytenwealda and retinue

I'm rushing to publish this image of some Gripping Beast "Germanic Tribes" - they are not quite finished, needing things like their boots and flesh areas painted as well as having the odd weapon stuck on.

I decided to make a departure from my usual methods of painting and go from a black undercoat. Appropriate for these Dark Ages figures? I find that this method of painting encourages me to paint from the darkest shades up to the lightest highlights - ususally with a white undercoat I start with a mid-tone, do a dark wash then reset with the mid-tone and then highlight. I find also that the black undercoat means that I didn't have to paint every single inaccessible nook and cranny. I've really tried to mute these colours down, adding a bit of brown or flesh to the blues, greens and reds to dull them down.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

With most figures, I use a black primer, then a very quick white "damp brush" . . . this leaves the recesses mostly black and the raised areas mostly white (as well as bringing out a lot of the detail).

Also, since paints are not fully opaque, simply covering an area with a color still leaves lighter and darker shades within it (as if you'd spent time shading it).

This might not result in the fanciest or finest of paint jobs, but it's quick and effective for me at least.

-- Jeff