Monday, September 25, 2006

Dark Ages Diversion

I feel terrible. Instead of painting light infantry or gunners, I've gone and painted a couple of Dark Ages Horsemen. I was guessing I could use them as couriers or Army Standard Bearers (in WAB-speak) for my Anglo-Saxons...

Feeling like I've let the side down...


marinergrim said...

Enjoy what you paint & paint what you enjoy. It's a hobby not a chore (says he desperately painting his through a bunch of Bavarians rather than the new Danes in the big blue box!).

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

But variety is the spice of life, as they say. And, sometimes, it's extremely productive to take a break from the main projects one undertakes. Hey, I really like the red and purple cloaks these figures wear. What line of paints do you normally use?

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Bloggerator said...

Mr Mariner, I'm only whimpering because I now HAVE to finish off another six light infantry by the end of this week so as to have them ready for the end of the month - I have painting targets to meet! I'm pretty sure I promised Hal a gun-crew or two as well!

Hi there Stokes - I usually paint with a mixture of Games Workshop and Vallejo paints. In fact, as time goes on I'm gradually moving entirely over to Vallejo.

I was extremely pleased with how the cloaks turned out. They are both painted with the GW paints - I highlighted the purple with a little white added to the ("liche") purple straight from the pot while the red got some flesh-toned paint which I find highlights that colour without turning it into something else, as using white or yellow are wont to do. They both got a thin wask of the brown ink to dull the colours down a little in keeping with the feel I'm going for for this army.



Patrick Lewis said...

Hello, Greg:

This is funny! I was just looking over a bunch of Dark Ages figures (Essex Vikings and Saxons 25s mostly, if not entirely) I recently bought from Alte Fritz (via the OSW Marketplace) and I was thinking of picking a couple out for painting as a little change of pace.

The figures look splendid and I see no reason to be down on yourself because of them!



Bloggerator said...

Hi Patrick,

I've been watching your blog with a great deal of interest - you've some lovely-looking trops there.

Now I want to see dome of your Dark Ages chappies all painted up; I'm doing quite a bit of reading on the period now and finding it fascinating!

Any moaning I do here is purely tongue in cheek, believe me! I had a ball painting the cavalry and the Saxon infantry earlier in the month. There WILL be more to come!




Anonymous said...


Don't worry! Be Happy!

I, too, am alternating between guys in funny three cornered hats and guys in chainmail. Keeps me from getting burned out on either period's figures.

Who is the manufacturer of the Anglo-Saxon figs? They are good looking.

Horses done with the Ink-and-Orange technique?


Bloggerator said...

Hi Jim,

The figures are Gripping Beast from their Dark Ages Celts range.

The horses were done from a brown base-coat with increasing amounts of orange in the highlights. All was then washed down with brown ink to tie it all together and to give the colour some depth.



Bluebear Jeff said...

Such lovely horses -- so much more realistic than mine.

Have you heard anything from Vulgaria lately? I've not seen an update on his blog for over a month.

-- Jeff