Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gardes Francaises

I've gotten on with the Gardes Francaises regiment.

I have two companies - one of Fusiliers and one of Grenadiers on the paint-bench today. I have taken them through a blue base-coat and highlight, done the base coat on the faces and facings (a dab or two of brown really helps the red cover over where the blue has been splashed with merry abandon) with an eye on doing the hats, hair and highlighting the facings this evening.

Once they are done, this will push the lads up to 30 figures which is only a baker's dozen or so short of their establishment of 43. I do intend to push the size of this regiment up to about the 60+ figures mark eventally to at least give a nod to the fact that this was more like an infantry brigade in "real life".

Guests will be arriving for lunch soon, so adieu for now.

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