Saturday, June 10, 2006

Painting 20mm Plastics

As you can see from the pictures i'm using promarily a "wash" method of painting the troops. I start by preparing the figures with a wash in dishwashing detergent, then a spray of varnish to stiffen the figures up followed by a spray of white.

Then the fun begins. I mix up my version of khaki and add a very generous amount of water and slop it all over the figure, really trying for a thorough coverage. I'm really only careful to keep the hands and face clean.

Next I paint the face and hands and helmet with a slightly thinned flesh wash. I also paint any wooden items (like pick handle and entrenching tool handles) brown. Leather jerkins also get a careful wask of slightly thinned brown. If I'd been thinking, the rifles would have been done at this stage too!

Finally the whole figure gets a wash overall of a dark-brown ink - again rather thinned. This really defines all the straps, does a lot of the work on the fleshy areas and defines the details of netting and camoflage on the helmets.

Later I'll paint all the boots and metalwork black with some mid-gray highlights, give the web equipment and bandoleers a little targeted highlighting to make them stand out and last of all run a mix of red-brown into the lips and jaws to bring them to life. I might follow up with a little highlighting on the faces if they seem to dark.

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