Thursday, June 01, 2006


In the robing chamber, the Southern Wing of the palace.

"Insupportable!" bellowed His Imperial Mightiness.

"Indeed Sire" murmured his suportive valet.

"It's not to be borne!" The walls quaked before the Royal Wrath.

"Indeed, not, your Majesty!"

""I've never cheated at cards before in my entire life..! Sparing that regrettable incident when I was Rosenkavalier to poor von Ochs!" A sniff. A delicately applied kerchief.

"Tsk, tsk. More powder sire?"

"A little, yes. I say, do you think this bit of broderie anglaise sets off my coat nicely? Ha! Bah! Have the court assembled. It's war to the very knife!"

"Your Majesty will cut quite the dash, of that I am sure, Sire."

"You are a fine fellow Master Bauer. Whatever would I so without you?"

"I'm sure your Majesty would soon find someone."

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