Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gardes - progress

Done all the lacing, muskets, hair and gaiters!

Really just got the highlighting on the faces, hat lace and belts to go. Thursday night should see them done, I think.

I have some more castings that ought to serve to get the regiment to the 43-figure minimum level, so that's the next tranche.

As a sideline, I'm also starting to paint some Hanoverian grenadiers - I think I've one a pretty good job on their red coats, and the orange facings clash terribly. Still, they'll look better once their white lace is done.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see some pictures of the Gardes. Are you going to do a battalion of the Gardes Suisses as well?

Bloggerator said...

Some of them are standing in as gunners in "Move the Second" above. I'm painting another half dozen at the moment. I'll get an image up here tonight after work.

The Gardes Suisses are on the painting schedule, no fear of them not being. I painted some test figures some time ago. I do however keep promising that lone drummer from la Reine I'll provide him with some comrades someday, too.