Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rapid Fire Progress

I've just about finished the first battalion of British infantry - just two more figures to go then it's on to basing. I'm going to go pretty simple, just sand stuck to PVA glue painted green and washed with brown ink. I might dry-brush if it seems necessary.

About half of the second battalion is either undercoated or has it's first wash. I've another dozen figures in the "almost finished" state, too. along with two stands completed.

Two more boxes of Revell Infantry arrived last night, so, on I go.

The Achilles TDs have been base-coated and washed as have the first two M4 Shermans. The second pair are under construction and will be finished off tonight. I finished assembling and undercoating a Matchbox Dingo scout car, too which is the cutest little thing... Sometime I'll have to assemble Monty's Caravan as well! Nice little group of Officers with this kit; I'll turn them into my Brigade Staff with an addition of two from AB. Still looking for a pair of Fireflies.

So I'm looking at about a Brigade of Infantry with an attached MG Company, SP AT Battery and a couple of Squadrons of tanks. I was thinking this could be supplemented with a towed 17pdr Battery and a Battery of 25pdrs and another of 5.5in with Matador tows. I'd probably expand the Tanks to a full regiment and then take stock. I might also need a Squadron/Company of Churchills at some point, too...

Just free-wheeling here...

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