Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Melee - quick and dirty

Figures or unit bases in contact with each other during the melee phase are engaged in hand to hand combat.

Maximum odds are 2:1.


1:1 - each player throws 1d6**
2:1 - roll 2d6:1d6

Compare the scores*:

a) If equal, another round of HtH must be played out next turn;
b) Difference of one, the loser flips a coin - heads, his figure surrenders, tails he withdraws a full march move and;
c) Difference is more than one, the loser becomes a casualty and is removed from play.

Figures that have withdrawn may be rallied by an officer by making contact with the cotacting them and rolling on 5-6 on a d6.

*NOTE: Figures defending an obstacle get +1 on their score.
** NOTE: Cavalry throw 2d6 per figure if against foot.

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