Friday, July 07, 2006

Basing Again

I've re-based the whole of my Gardes Francaises. I hope it's not vain pride, but they look very much improved; I'm really impressed with how good they look like this. Click on the image for a larger picture.


Anonymous said...

How about a picture from above a foot and mounted figure to show how the figures fit on the plastic bases? Do they extend over the edge of the base at the rear?

Thanks for all the pictures. You have inspired me to keep painting.

Bloggerator said...

OK - I'll do a couple of shots tonight. The GW cavalry base is more than adequate - the entire horse (not just it's base) fits within it's edges. The foot figure is more of a squeeze, but fits happilty enough.

Good on you for carrying on the good work! What are you painting at the moment?


Anonymous said...

Nice shots of the Gardes. I always like good bases to figures, shows them off to better effect. The painting of the figures looks great too, far better than my standard.