Friday, July 07, 2006

RSMs on GW bases

You'll notice they do fit pretty well...

Looking at the infantryman, I wonder if you couldn't use him as a marker (along with 40 or so copied comrades) in illustratind a battle-report...


Anonymous said...


Thanks. Looks like they fit just fine, especially the horse.

I'm painting my first batch of RSM French musketeers, march attack of course, for one my two fictional countries. Foot on 3/4" wide x 1" deep, horse 1" wide x 2" deep. Now considering your basing method.

Thanks again.


Ed Youngstrom said...

The bases look nice. A friend of mine has a nice technique of filling in the holes on the cav stands:

Cover the top of the base with clear cellophane tap. Invert the tape and rub it vigorously on a smooth table top. Do NOT use your finger or you will dent it.

Fill the underside with liquid resin. When dry, remove the tape and you will have a flat top base with no mold line.

Hope this helps.