Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Regiment Bourbonnois

Feeling a bit uninspired this week, so I'm re-basing the Bourbonnois regiment. Half will be on the induvidual 20mmx20mm bases, and the other half will be in fours on the 40mmx40mm bases.

Then I'll see if I can summon up the energy to create some movement trays.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

For movement trays, I have made my own. I use sheet plastic (styrene, I think its called) and glue a front and two side rims onto it. I don't glue a rear rim to make it easier to remove figures (and since my bases are not all that uniform).

Of course you can purchase "ready-made" bases -- but I think that building your own is a lot more "cost effective".

Also, if you are using those GW bases, a simple way of adding weight to the base is to use what I know of as "spackle" -- it's a sort of putty that dries. It's often used to patch walls or to cover sheetrock with some texturing.