Friday, July 14, 2006

The Graf von Bruhl's Regiment

From Prussian Musketeers, the regiment von Bruhl.

I will be adding more figures to all three of these regiments over the next week while I await the delivery of more RSM French to round out the Gardes Francaises; I added four men to von Bruhl yesterday, with another four to paint tonight.


Jim said...

This is a general painting question. How do you do your black lining? Fine brush and paint? Pen and ink? Other? Thanks.

Having drooled over the pictures of your figures I am considering redoing my small initial group. I'm trying to find a suitable painting "style" that I can comfortably use for all my RSM figures.

I am going to try your method for painting horses on the next batch of mounted figures.

Scary isn't it. People are paying attention to what you are writing!

Keep painting!

Bloggerator said...

G'day Jim,

The black lining is all done with a fairly fine brush and well-thinned Vallejo paint. The technique for the whole figure is pretty straightforward; very thorough white undercoat, all thr red bits, all the flesh bits, black for the cartridge boxes, gaiters, hats and hair. Then I do all my black-lining. Out comes the white and I powder the hair, "age" the odd moustache, paint the belts and tidy up any areas where my black-lining has splashed over onto the white coat. Likewise, I then get out the red and tidy those areas should they need it.

The real work is in the black-lining. It makes the coloured parts "pop" and defines detail you want to stand out.

The Horses are easy - it's not quite the Gilder method, but it's simple and it looks good.

I agree that you need to find a method you're happy to use over 3-400 figures. I vary mine a bit depending on the colours I use - I'll be painting a battalion of Bavarians sometime soon that will be a different kettle of fish to the Saxons.

Poruchik said...


Excellent figures! What do you use to gloss them?


Bloggerator said...

G'day Donald,

"Krystal Kote" gloss or matt spray-on varnish. It's tough, one can does a couple of hundred troops, and doesn't appear to suffer from the environmental sensitivities (clouding in humid conditions...) that I have heard is possible.