Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I'm thinking very hard about changing my basing from the coins I have been using to the 20mmx20mm square plastic bases availavle from GW.

Take a look at this picture and contrast it with those from my recent posts.

I think you'll agree they rank up better and are more amenable to being used with movement trays than the old kind.

Yes, they are painted Goblin Green!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I have changed my British Colonials from pennies to the GW 20mm bases . . . and I'm delighted with the change. It makes them much much easier to manuever and they look better as well.

This seems like a very proper type of basing for 18th century figures.

I'm also using RSM figures but basing them a bit differently. Sort of like "Koenig Krieg" in that each stand holds four figures (2 ranks of 2).

The key is that I'm using tiny Neodymium magnets to hold each figure onto the the base (yet they will be easily removable for casualty purposes.

This, of course, also requires the figures to be glued to a small iron or steel plate.

Anyway, good luck with your rebasing -- I concur with your change.


Matt said...

I was in a hobby shop earlier this week and noticed movement trays for 25mm round bases. The artillery trays are especially cool (along with the blank bases to put in place of casualties. The trays are from Gale Force 9.

Poruchik said...

I'm using 3/4" washers for my RSM's! Wish I had thought about the 20x20mm bases, however they do require that a 20x20mm square metal base be glued underneath I think to ensure that the figures don't move about during transporting. I use plastic sweater boxes with magsheet bottoms to secure the figures for storage and movement.