Tuesday, July 18, 2006


"Don't disturb me now Bauer. Can't you see this is very tricky, very delicate work?"
"Your Majesty is never anything but correct. May I enquire as to your Majesty's activity?"
"Locksmithing Bauer! Locksmithing! It's the way of the future you know. Blast! All these springs and fiddly objects! Did it go on the floor?"
"Perhaps Your Majesty might enjoy a brief diversion? The Persian ambassador awaits without."
"What? Whithout? Whatever are you blithering on about? Now, can I hold this spring down and insert the pin tumbler?"
"Catch it Bauer! Don't let it hit the - ah! Good man. Persian Ambassador eh? Has he got nice presents for me?"
"Some kind of miniature mandarine sir"
"What, a dwarf bureaucrat?"
"No, a cumquat. I believe they are good when brandied."
"Brandy, eh? Sounds like the one for me then, what!"

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