Monday, April 16, 2012

Painting Challenge

Spencer Smith "Classic" Franco-Prussian War French
 It does one's painting genie good to subject it on an irregular basis to the gentle rigours of a painting challenge. A challenge between friends with no pressure other than a deadline and one's own commitment to meet it.
Imperial Regiment Saxe-Coburg Gotha
 On that basis I present the photographs here as proof that I have dismally failed in my aim of two brigades of SSM Infantry and Cavalry and an admission that I am indeed a hopeless butterfly.
French Marines defend a cardboard box to the last man and the last round

Monday, April 02, 2012

Funny Little Wars

The Field Artillery. Not quite "75s" but not too bad either.
 I have recently been bitten by the "Funny Little Wars" bug and have started a small collection of 54mm toy soldiers.
"Grande Berthe"
 But which army? Army Red? Oh, everyone does one of them. Army Black then? Oh, spare me the cliche.
The Flying Artillery? Deadly with a matchstick at six feet.
 Army Light Green? What? Montenegro? Never!
Musketry practice for the men in the red trousers.
 Army Horizon Bleu. What else could it be?
The new experimental uniform with the shrapnel-proof helmet. Will it ever catch on?
 More as I continue the build up.

"I note that the back lawn is exceedingly well-mown at the moment", says Amy. "Any reason for that?"

Me: "Oh, no, just one of those little jobs that needed doing, dear."
The Shape of Things to Come