Wednesday, April 08, 2020

... and another

24th Foot, of course, or the South Wales Borderers for this later fellow,

Yes, I still need to put his arm on, but the varnish is sticky and I couldn't resist.

One of my favorite of the Wm. Britains poses and really a breeze to paint them as well. More in the coming days.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

A Toy Soldier's Progress


How are you all? What's happening out there?

How are you filling in those long days and evenings in lockdown when you are in quarantine, or cant get out and a bout as you might like in the evening or over the weekends?

I have decided to make this my Time of Unfinished Projects.

Each week or fortnight (depending on how much of the particular project is in stock) I will be picking up a different unfinished project and moving it along a little. Last week it was Willie Highlanders (pics to follow),  this week it's recast "Wm Britains",

There's a bit of WIP progression picture here:

They do come up well. I had forgotten how elegant they are in their line and how they take as much detail as you are prepared to put on them. The black lining may not be to everyone's' taste, but I am having a go at emulating the Henry Harris painting style.