Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painting Challenge

As has been said elsewhere, there is nothing quite like a little challenge (no pressure) among friends to get the motor running. Here is the part where I confess all. Here is the part where I show the depth of my straying.
Mirliton Italian infantry. Almost two companies' worth for Rapid Fire.

I had committed. Committed. Yes, committed. Committed to painting two regiments of Spencer Smith foot and another two of horse.
47mm ATG and crew - yet to be based, Fiat Revelli MMG and a command group. Ought that be "Gruppo"? O dio mio.

Enjoy the pictures...
Ready To Roll Italian Fiat Trucks
Oh the shame.
Italeri quick build Semovente and slow-build(!) M13/40
The shame of it all.
From the left - Airfix PzKw IV F1, Armourfast PzKw III J and an elderly Matchbox PzKw II

Hanging my head here, people.
Airfix Opels - the one on the left will be a 20mm FLAK38 carrier. Sort of a 1942 Technical. They are in Africa after all...
Quite embarrassed.
Eureka Mycenean Charioteers
Nothing more to say really, is there.
Spearmen - first file of the phalanx!
The rest of the gang. All by Eureka.