Tuesday, March 24, 2020


For my birthday this year, I bought some of the Peter Dennis "Paperboys" books, having seen them in action on Aly Morrison's blog.

I thought they looked quite charming, and when I saw one of them was a "Little Wars" reprint, I was gone for all money.

So I started assembling a base of WSS Bavarian Grenadiers.

Not too onerous to cut out. I'd probably benefit from making a few stands at a time as a batch. Good fun so far. I am looking at a scenario for the Schellenburg, 1704 as my build target. Let's see how we go.

The Schellenburg was an early love of mine since I first came across it in Mil Mod years and years ago and I'm chuffed to be building a neat little Bavarian Army in that cause.

Friday, February 28, 2020

The Cavalry

My North West Frontier project has been coming along as I move into Cavalry country.
Firstly we have a couple of Sowars of the Corps of Guides. Seminal troops for any NWF project.
And secondly, some British Lancers. Looking closely at them , it's very apparent that these are meant to be the 21st Lancers at Omdurman. It's my intention to mount these figures on comparatively large bases - say 80 x 40mm to accommodate the rather large horses. I am intrigued by the possibility into making some of these into mini vignettes which might make up into something quite impressive when the whole regiment is eventually assembled. I have just about enough castings to produce a full Squadron (in TSatF terms) of 25 figures - two troops of 12 figures plus a Captain commanding...

Wargaming megalomania? Why, yes.

Now, just to wrap up for the day, a miscellany of just varnished odds and ends:
From left to right, a Buff, an Officer of the Artillery, a Sowar of the Corps of Guides, an Officer of the Corps of Guides, another Buff and a Driver. The last is a Willie seated gunner from the Gatling Gun set whi has opted for a quieter life and is waiting on a 4Ground cart.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

The HMS Hood

I am currently (when not cranking out miniature Pathans and others) working away with the fellows from the Airfix Tribute forum on a group build.

The topic is Airfix WW2 Royal Navy Warships and I am building HMS Hood. I am using the base kit from Airfix as well as a kind of sticky-backed timber deck overlay and a sheet of impossibly small and fine brass etch to detail this elderly classic.

This has been a very enjoyable effort and one that I intend to repeat.

Herewith a few pix:

The whole thing dry-fitted together

The screens and railings on the Admiral's Bridge

The Flying-off platform on 'B' Turret
 The Hood in 1931. The Hood could carry a Fairey III seaplane on a steam catapult aft and a Fairey Flycatcher on a platform over the 'B' Turret. Ideally, you'd crank the old girl up to 34 knots, turn into the wind and..... launch!
A bit of internal bracing
 It's possible I may have bought a few Destroyers and a Cruiser as well.

Friday, February 07, 2020


A rare view from inside the Shedio of some Pathans. I had these a while ago from John P and painted them up last year on a whim. Mostly Stadden with a couple of Willies on the extreme right of the picture. One of those is a re-purposed Saxon.

There are another ten that are at about the 80% mark.

Things are starting to some together, I feel.

Tomorrow I ought to have a few Cavalrymen to put up.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020


Just starting to scrape the bottom of my NWF figure barrel.
From left to right, wounded, mounting up and Fighting Mac. The mounting up figure no longer seems to be in the Willie catalogue; I had this figure from a mixed lot a few years ago. His horse is being painted. Fighting Mac is I think, meant to be Hector MacDonald.

Next, some wily Pathans.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

So, where are we?

Right here.

I have the bit between my teeth, I've had a week off and have been painting steadily.
So, today I threw down a water-carrier. In my mind he's Gunga Din, but who knows? Certainly he was easy to paint; he only took about 20 minutes this afternoon.
I added a new member to the Medical Staff. Dr Watson, Barbara and fanny have been joined by Private Shifty. Wounded men are not the only thing he snags off the battlefield. Need a second hand watch? A pocket book? A cigarette case? He's your man.
Och, the Highlanders. Rather pleased with the tartan. I have a method that seems to work and gives a fair result for the effort going in.
 Finally, The Buffs. Were with Brindon Blood's Third Brigade. Fine fellows all.

And that's nearly it. Apart from a few more Highlanders, a few speciality figures and a couple of Sowars that's about all the unpainted lead I have for now. I have a gun crew and a unit of British cavalry that need repainting, then I will need to toddle off and put in an order with Tradition. More Highlanders and some more Regulars to fill out my first couple of units then some Indian Infantry will be next, I should say.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Medical Staff Redux

Introducing Dr Watson and nurses Fanny and Barbara.

The Medical Arm 2 - Stretcher Bearers!

Made the stretcher out of a straw from a broom with a slice of making tape.

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Medical Arm

Nurse Fanny Golightly, white-aproned angel, ministers to the wounded...
Another fine Suren figure who just cries out for an accompanying Medical Officer, some stretcher-bearers and perhaps a couple of tents.

 Before I get too carried away, I had better get on with the Highlanders whose kilts are now DONE.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Highland Light Infantry

Not much more to be said. I'm engaged in painting what Willie colonials I have in the uniforms of units that were with the Malakand Field Force. A pleasing miscellany. Figures are Willies from Tradition as usual.

Monday, January 13, 2020

The heat, the dust.

I am giving myself a bit of a holiday from cranking out Napoleonic troops and taking a trip to the North Western Frontier. The year is about 1895.

Just finished this chap this morning; he was still on his painting stand as the varnish dried when I took the photo. A splendidly useless figure in war gaming terms, but what the heck.
Another pair of Willies, the first of the English infantry.

The rules will probably be TSaTF*, maybe 5-6 units of infantry, a battery and three units of cavalry. Then there are the Pathans...

*Or perhaps I'll cook up a Funny Little Derivative thereof.