Sunday, October 08, 2017

Sawmill Village

Confederates deployed at 'Entry A'; the Union at Entry 'B'

The lads and i played through 'Sawmill Village" this Sunday. 

Starting at ten, we laid out the troops on the table I had prepped beforehand. I was using my Tradition 25s collection of ACW which are organised more or less on Featherstone's lines and so it seemed fair enough that we would use The Don's ACW rules.

Each run through took about 90 minutes from 10 AM on with a brief break for lunch halfway through the second game. We absolutely rattled through the moves. I am reasonably familiar with he rules and was able to keep things going along at a good clip.

The Rebels had the lesser force of a pair of guns and four units of infantry whilst the Union were about a move further away from the village in question had six units of infantry, one of cavalry and a pair of guns had further to march. The rebels were dogged with a tight space for their initial deployment, though blessed with a good, dominating place for their artillery. The Union made good use of their cavalry once they decided they made good, high speed infantry to get enough troops into the village to hold out until reinforcements arrived. They were never able to satisfactorily depoly their artillery due to the narrowness of their avenue of advance between the woods and the heights to their right.

Three cracking games that we will follow up with another to see what happened after the Rebels failed to take the town.