Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wargaming the Franco-Prussian War

Last year I managed to acquire a small collection of Franco-Prussian War figures. They were 25mm Tradition (plus a few plastic Spencer Smith) figures originally from the collection of Stuart Asquith which he has shown considerable ingenuity in assembling from diverse sources.
Tradition Bavarians

I have been slowly adding to it myself along the same lines and I am at the point where it is time to start doing something with the collection. It's about eight units per side now of infantry at ten figures per unit. There are also two units of cavalry at eight figures per side as well. No guns yet, but that it a problem I am sure I can resolve.
Tradition Prussians

Now here's the thing. I am looking at this collection as a game in a box (or two) that I can pull out, have a game with in a couple of hours whilst hitting the beer and chatting amiably about toy soldiers and so on.
Old SAE Swedish Cavalry repainted as Prussian Dragoons

Can anyone in blog-land suggest a ruleset? or do I need to write my own?