Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Bit of New Years' Painting

The Pikes. Looking for a basing scheme.
 Quite some time ago I bought a small pile both of the old production and the newly mastered Willie Landsknechts. I only painted a handful at the time before drifting off with the next butterfly. However since then I've been re-reading Simon Winder's "Danubia" and the bug has bitten again.

I've been rather inspired by this basing scheme.
Our Sutleress. A great comfort to the troops. Perhaps looking for the Eureka Sutlers' Wagon?
 I think I last saw Helga here on Stokes' blog. Sorry Stokes, I used you as visual reference for painting my own!
Poseurs. 1510.
Finally, a small group to show off the figures. I've been very impressed with how well sculpted and easy to paint these were. Highly recommended.