Monday, September 11, 2023

Busy-busy, rats-rats

 A minor diversion from the Zulus this past few days as I have sunk my prominent incisors into painting some clanrats from GW's line of Skaven.

Always liked them, often trembled on the brink of buying some and now I have finally made the move and bought forty of the little beggars. Why? Well, why not ultimately.

The Story So Far

I am sticking with a pretty limited palette, mostly bone, gray and a dull red. Main colours get blocked in then it's two washes - a black wash and a red-brown one once the first has dried. Then I layer up the colours. I am going for a rough, sketchy final highlight to suggest grot and coarse cloth over a smoother initial highlight which basically tidies up the shapes after the washes have gone on and blurred everything.

A dozen paints and a couple of washes.

I am still thinking about basing. Initially I thought one of the dark gray texture paints and some dead grass, But, I don't know as things are already pretty dull. Needs thinking about a bit. I want the bases to make the figures stand out rather than for them just to mush into them.

Shewing Detail of the Artists' Treatment of various Materials and Textures

Would you want to meet this character in a dark alley?

Monday, September 04, 2023

Lots of Zulus!


A small horde of Zulus
It's not been all redcoats here at the Duchy of Alzheim. No, not by any means at all. As anyone who has had even a glancoing appreciation for the Zulu War, you realist that for every red-coated son of brecon that you paint, you need five or six Zulus.

In that wise, as I have been painting Bromhead and his handful of stalwarts, I have also been working on some Zulus. I spent my weekend painting a few more of the Zulus it was time to do some basing.

Backs to the wall!

One or two more British were added. Gosh they are a fiddle to paint if you want to get the straps looking nice and tidy... Just imagine if the Zuus were as fiddly!

Wippy Chard

Friday, September 01, 2023

Reading Books is Fun

 So, I was reading Mike Snook's book on Rorke's Drift and came across a reference to an Induna who was shot down off a gray mare.

Then this happened.

My inner 14-year-old wanted to splash some red paint around. The outer 55-year old said 'no that would be crass'.